The RAP AI Platform

How It Works


Maximize your process efficiency and accuracy by harnessing the power of AI-driven automation. The RAP AI platform automates extraction of structured from unstructured content across a range of file formats and types of content. EyeMagic is one of the platform’s AI engines that enable automation of text recognition for invoice processing, form recognition, check processing and more. The other engine ResponseGenie extracts entities and intent for intelligent response to emails and messages across multiple industries. Drive efficient and intelligent process automation (IPA) with out platform’s use of RPA in tandem with the two engines to automate workflows while minimizing manual intervention.

Our Platform


EyeMagic is an AI powered engine that is at the very structured data extraction from images and documents, making document processing applications exponentially faster with massive savings from the elimination of manual effort. This automation elevates your business to greater efficiency so you can expand and focus on business growth. The flexibility of the EyeMagic platform means it can adapt to multiple use cases.


ResponseGenie amps your response game across omni-channels – chatbots, emails, IVR systems, support tickets, and more. It pulls structured data and analyzes intent from a multitude of types of unstructured content and powers response automation and downstream workflow automation.

Workflow Automation through RPA

Automate your workflows and transform your business with the combined power of EyeMagic, ResponseGenie, and RPA. The RAP AI platform enables Intelligent Process Automation by leveraging RPA technology in tandem with our AI engines so you can minimize manual intervention. This accelerates workflows for greater productivity and operational efficiency, with significant cost savings.

Deployment Model

The RAP AI platform has multiple deployment models. So you can choose the option that best suits your needs and existing environment.

On Premise

Host RAP AI on your organization’s hardware.

On Premise
Private Cloud

Host RAP AI on your organization’s private cloud.

Private Cloud
Public Cloud

Host RAP AI on the public cloud used by your organization.

Public Cloud

Transform your business and automate processes with the power of AI.