Improve Case Deflection Rates & Delight Customers from RAP

Higher rates of case deflection through improved self-service is the holy grail of customer service. AI-powered automation is the answer to this challenge. Provide intelligent self-service recommendations to a spectrum of customer issues at speed and scale. Save millions of dollars by lowering the volume of incoming tickets and watch CSAT scores soar.

  • Accelerate Process Cycle
  • Shorten process time with the power and speed of RAP AI for greater self-service success
  • Minimize Critical and Costly Errors
  • RAP AI minimizes the risk of errors while providing recommendations for self-service
  • Zero Manual Intervention
  • Lower costs and free manual resources by automating pipeline for case deflection
  • Drastically Reduce Case Volume
  • Reduce a significant percentage of incoming tickets and save millions of dollars a year
  • Improve First Time Resolution
  • Improve resolution time and First Time Resolution rates with intelligent recommendations
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Delight customers with rapid and accurate resolution that reflect in increased CSAT scores
  • Leverage Rule-Based Automation
  • Automate multi-step workflows through rule-based automation that drives efficiency
  • Requires Just One-time Training
  • Train just once to your parameters and inputs, then deploy an automated application

Improve Case Deflection Rates & Delight Customers