Automate Check Recognition with AI from RAP

End-to-end automation of check recognition and processing eliminates manual intervention and errors, while accelerating processing time from hours to mere seconds. Train once, deploy in a matter of days and let the engine work its magic and continuously learn.

  • Zero Manual Intervention
  • Lower costs and free manual resources by automating the workflow for check recognition
  • Save About 80% of Costs
  • Reap massive savings of up to 80% through the speed and accuracy of AI-driven automation
  • Multi-Country Check Processing
  • The application can be trained to handle check formats for a range of countries
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Enjoy the convenience and ease of use of the application for a better user experience
  • Exponentially Improve Productivity
  • Do more in less time thanks to the speed and capacity of AI-driven automation
  • Incredibly Scalable Solution
  • Easily scale to handle varying volumes of checks to be processed thanks to cloud architecture
  • Achieve Unmatchable Accuracy
  • With RAP AIEliminate critical errors that can cause long delays and cost your business
  • Error-free Check Validation
  • Eliminate errors in the check recognition and validation process with AI-driven accuracy

Automate Check Recognition with AI