Accelerate Invoice Processing with AI Automation from RAP

Manual invoice processing is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. Leverage RAPFlow to automate extraction of relevant data from invoices, complemented by RAPBot to integrate to your existing systems. Tie it up with our pre-built quality check tool that helps manual check for invoices that are not picked up by the system and helps train the system further thereby increasing efficiencies over time.

  • Accelerate Process Cycle
  • Expedite turnaround time and delight your customers with Automation
  • 80% Cost Reduction of Data Entry
  • Eliminating manual data entry by using scanned invoices as input reduces the cost of data entry by over 80%
  • 80% Cost Reduction per Invoice
  • Substantial cost savings with an over 80% reduction in cost of processing per invoice
  • Exponentially Minimize Errors
  • AI-powered accuracy minimizes the risk of errors while processing invoices
  • Zero Manual Intervention
  • Lower costs and free manual resources by automating the workflow for invoice processing
  • Leverage Rule-Based Automation
  • Automate multi-step workflows through rule-based automation that enhances productivity
  • Process Multi-Format Invoices
  • Accurately process multiple formats of invoices from different vendors
  • Requires Just One-time Training
  • Train just once to your parameters and inputs, then deploy end-to-end automation

Accelerate Invoice Processing with AI Automation