Several routine tasks and processes under Finance and Procurement can be automated using the RAPFlow platform and RAPBot. No AI knowledge is required to gain the benefits of using our platform. When tasks and processes are highly-data intensive and repetitive, they are good candidates for automation. Transform your manual processes digitally using the power of AI.

  • Document Processing from RAP
  • Document Processing
  • A range of document processing tasks can be automated for massive savings and efficiency
  • Forms from RAP
  • Forms
  • Reliable and accurate multi-format form validation and processing using AI
  • Invoices from RAP
  • Invoices
  • Accelerate invoice processing with the power and scalability of the RAPFlow platform
  • Quote Processing from RAP
  • Quote Processing
  • Streamline quote processing including backing documents for faster output and greater accuracy
  • Contracts from RAP
  • Contracts
  • Rapid and precise processing of multiple formats of contracts eliminates the risk of errors
  • Workflow Automation from RAP
  • Workflow Automation
  • Rule-based automation of workflows with RPA eliminates manual intervention
No AI Knowledge Needed from RAP
  • No AI Knowledge Needed
  • No AI understanding required to leverage the RAPFlow platform
Integration from RAP
  • Integration
  • Easily integrates with existing solutions and systems enhancing them
Rapid Deployment from RAP
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Deployment is a quick and hassle-free process

Automate processes using AI for speed, efficiency and savings