The last few decades have marked a monumental increase and growth in the logistics industry. This surge in demand has led to vast amounts of unstructured data growing by a whopping 60% annually. Automate extraction of structured data from mountains of unstructured content with ease using the RAPFlow Platform. Accelerate document-driven workflows and increase process capacity with minimal manual intervention. Manual resources are free to work on higher-value projects and innovation while AI takes care of the routine, data-intensive, tedious tasks. Leverage RAPFlow with RAPBot to pull structured content from unstructured data, and enhance your customer response across omni-channels.

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  • Document Processing
  • Rapidly process documents such as invoices, bills, Proof of Delivery, etc. Turn all these unstructured content into valuable structured data with RAPFlow’s document processing capabilities
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  • Intelligent Response Automation
  • Deliver world-class customer experience by handling large volumes of customer requests, complaints, queries through best-in-class, omni-channel response solutions powered by AI
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  • Workflow Automation
  • Reduce manual intervention in processing structured data and integrate it with your existing banking systems, accounting systems with intelligent automation powered by RAPBot our RPA tool
  • Greater Operational Efficiency
  • Boost operation efficiency enterprise-wide with game-changing data processing speed and higher productivity using RAPFlow and RAPBot
  • Reap Greater ROI
  • Use the incredible power of automation to cut costs, free up man power and use resources wisely for massive ROI
  • Scalability
  • Scale up to demand easily with the power of cloud-based architecture that can handle fluctuating volumes
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Delight customers with faster processes and swift, relevant responses powered by the RAPFlow Platform

Automate processes using AI for speed, efficiency and savings