Real estate, title and mortgage companies are buried in loads of paperwork at a day to day operational level. These documents include leases, property valuation details, surveys, to the regulatory documents and customer information, etc. Harness the power of RAPFlow and RAPBot to automate such tasks - remove friction, errors and delays from data and document processing and achieve peak operational efficiency.

  • Document Processing from RAP
  • Document Processing
  • Accelerate document processing and eliminate process delays using RAPFlow’s unparalleled content automation capabilities on documents such as leases, invoices, title and mortgage documents.
  • Workflow Automation from RAP
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reduce manual intervention in processing data and integrate it with your Property Management and accounting systems with intelligent automation powered by RAPBot
Greater Operational Efficiency from RAP
  • Greater Operational Efficiency
  • Boost operation efficiency enterprise-wide with game-changing data processing speed and higher productivity using RAPFlow and RAPBot
Reap Greater ROI from RAP
  • Reap Greater ROI
  • Use the incredible power of automation to cut costs, free up man power and use resources wisely for massive ROI
Scalability from RAP
  • Scalability
  • Scale up to demand easily with the power of cloud-based architecture that can handle fluctuating volumes

Automate processes using AI for speed, efficiency and savings